The Visigoths

In 420, The Visigoths captured Spain from the Vandals and proudly returned it to Rome. Unfortunately, 18 years later the Suevi overran the peninsula.

In 456, the Visigoths under Theodric II reconquered most of Spain again and this time, kept control for themselves. Thus began the dynasty of Visgothic rule that lasted almost 300 years.

Their capital would be Toledo and there a new monarchy was established with strong rulers who protected their new conquest from the Frank invaders in the north and the Byzantine invaders from the south. It took less than 100 years for the Visigoths to embrace the Spanish tongue and loose their Germanic speech, but the influence of their native tongue would have an impact on surnames in Spain forever.

By 634, a new system of laws was developed, one of the first to establish the principle of equality. One of the more famous people from the age was Isidore of Seville (c. 560-636) who wrote at least half a dozen books and other works. The Visigoths held control of the Iberian Peninsula until the Moorish conquest in 711.


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