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Where did the Baum coat of arms come from? When did the Baum family first arrive in the United States?

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Coat of Arms > Baum Coat of Arms

Origin Displayed: Jewish

Origins Available: French, German, Jewish

This product is available in 11 X 17 parchment scroll format, but extracts from this history are not available at this time.

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Some noteworthy people of the name Baum
  • Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919), American writer and director, best known for penning the Wizard of Oz
  • Bernie Baum (1929-1993), American songwriter who worked extensively with Elvis Presley
  • Edgar Schofield Baum (1916-2006), American artist
  • Frank Joslyn Baum (1883-1958), American lawyer, soldier, writer, and film producer
  • Roger Stanton Baum (b. 1938), American children's author
  • Walter Emerson Baum (1884-1956), American artist and educator
  • Wilhelm Baum (b. 1948), Austrian historian, theologian, philosopher and publisher
  • Kurt Baum (1900-1989), Czech tenor opera singer
  • Frank Baum (b. 1956), retired German footballer
  • Oskar Baum (1883-1941), Czech music educator and writer


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The term Ashkenazic refers to Yiddish speaking Jews and their descendants. There are numerous other Jewish groups, such as the Sefardim, who were the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula and their descendants.



The Hebrew language belongs to the Semitic family and is generally divided into three historic and linguistic periods: Old Testament Hebrew, Postbiblical and Modern Hebrew. Modern Hebrew was developed in the 19th century and is now the official language of Israel. It has a special script, based on the Phoenician alphabet.



The Yiddish language dates back to about the 9th century. It was developed mainly from Middle High German and spoken by Jews in Germany. Yiddish was also infused with Hebrew words and it is written using the Hebrew alphabet. It also shows a strong Slavic influence.


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