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The Klimovich surname is derived from the given names Klimas and Klemens. These names are derived from the Latin personal name Clemens, which means mild or merciful. This name achieved popularity due to the fact that it was borne by an early saint who was a disciple of St. Paul.

Klimovich Spelling Variations

Spelling variations of this family name include: Klimakiw, Kliman, Klimko, Klimovich, Klimash, Klimas, Klimasko, Klimasenko, Klimenkowsky, Klimchak, Klimchuk, Klimczuk, Klimuk, Klemas, Klemchuk, Klimczak, Klimchenko, Klimiuk, Klym, Klyma, Klymak, Klymakiw, Klymovich, Klymash, Klmasz, Klymas, Klymach, Klymacko, Klymasko, Klymashko, Klymasenko, Klymenkowsky, Klymchenko, Klymenko, Klymkiw, Klymiuk and many more.

Contemporary Notables of the name Klimovich (post 1700) +

  • Sergei Nikolaevich Klimovich (b. 1974), retired Russian professional ice hockey center who played for the Chicago Black Hawks in 1996
  • Dzmitry Ramualdavich Klimovich (b. 1984), Belarusian football defender
  • Dmitri Klimovich (b. 1972), retired Belarusian football defender, member of the Soviet Union U20 National Team in 1991 on Facebook