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During the times when surnames first began to be used in this region, a common way to create a surname was to use the given name of the father. Such names are classed as patronymic surnames. Enrico was created from came from the Teutonic name Henry. In fact, the name Henry is derived from the Old German Haimric which means home-rule. There were many Teutonic names in Italy following the fall of the Roman Empire.

Enrico Spelling Variations

In comparison with other European surnames, Italian surnames have a surprising number of forms. They reflect the regional variations and the many dialects of the Italian language, each with its own distinctive features. For example, in Northern Italy the typical Italian surname suffix is "i", whereas in Southern Italy it is "o". Additionally, spelling changes frequently occurred because medieval scribes and church officials often spelled names as they sounded rather than according to any specific spelling rules. The spelling variations in the name Enrico include and others.

Migration of the Enrico family

Early records show that people bearing the name Enrico arrived in North America quite early:

Contemporary Notables of the name Enrico (post 1700) +

  • Roger Enrico (1944-2016), American businessman, CEO of PepsiCo (1996-2001), CEO DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc (2004-2012)
  • Francesco Enrico Speroni (b. 1946), Italian politician and Member of the European Parliament for the North-West Italy
  • Michele Enrico Carafa di Colobrano (1787-1872), Italian opera composer
  • Davide Enrico Somma (b. 1985), South African footballer
  • Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925), Italian organist, composer, improviser and pedagogue
  • Enrico Oldoini (1946-2023), Italian director and screenwriter from La Spezia, Italy
  • Enrico Berti (1935-2022), Italian philosopher and professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Padua
  • Enrico "Heini" Bacher (1940-2021), Italian ice hockey player who competed at the 1964 Winter Olympics; he played eight games and scored three goals
  • Enrico Vaime (1936-2021), Italian author, playwright, screenwriter, television and radio writer and presenter
  • Enrico Ferri (1942-2020), Italian politician and magistrate, Secretary of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (1993-1995) on Facebook