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This product has it all. Seriously. 

It's our all in one product designed so you can learn everything about your Surname and Coat of Arms. 

Included is an in-depth explanation of your surname, a detailed symbolism of your Coat of Arms, and, of course, your Coat of Arms itself. 

Haven't sold you? Here's exactly what's featured in this surname history:

  • Picture of the castle unique to your family’s ancestral region
  • Table of Contents including bookmarks for easy navigation
  • Bibliography of Sources specific to each country for further research
  • Full document keyword searching
  • Extended settler listings covering a time period of 400 years
  • Extended notable listings with internet links
  • Extended analysis of the Coat of Arms Symbolism – now includes more meanings than ever before!
  • The ancient origin of the name (usually pre-1100)
  • Known spelling variations
  • Early movement of the family name during the Middle Ages
  • Noteworthy bearers from the 1500-1600's
  • First Settlers to North America and Oceania from 1700's
  • Notable contemporary bearers of the name
  • Unique Certificate number
  • Suggested Readings (if available)

Surname histories typically are 32 pages in length, and now feature pictures of significant events associated with your surname. 

Your PDF file of our Surname History requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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4.8 Average Rating

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