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Kings and Queens of England


Hardecnut 1040-1042
Edward the Confessor 1042-1066
Harold II 1066
William the Conqueror 1066
William II (Rufus) 1087-1100
Henry I 1100-1135
Stephen 1135-1154
Henry II 1154-1189
Richard I 1189-1199
John 1199-1216
Henry III 1216-1272
Edward I 1272-1307
Edward II 1307-1327
Edward III 1327-1377
Richard II 1377-1399
Henry IV 1399-1413
Henry V 1413-1422
Henry IV 1422-1461
Edward IV 1461-1470
Henry VI 1470-1471
Edward IV 1471-1483
Edward V 1483
Richard III 1483-1485
Henry VII 1485-1509
Henry VIII 1509-1547
Edward VI 1547-1553
Jane 1553 9 days
Mary I 1553-1558
Elizabeth I 1558-1603
James I 1603-1625
Charles I 1625-1649
Cromwell, Oliver and Richard 1653-1659
Charles II 1660-1685
James II 1685-1688
William III and Mary II 1689-1702
Anne 1702-1714
George I 1714-1727
George II 1727-1760
George III 1760-1820
George IV 1820-1830
William IV 1830-1837
Victoria 1837-1901
Edward VII 1901-1910
George V 1910-1936
Edward VIII 1936
George VI 1936-1952
Elizabeth II 1952-

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