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Gustavsson History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

The origin of the distinguished Gustavsson family can be traced to the historic Scandinavian country of Sweden. The surname Gustavsson is derived from the Old Norse personal name Gustav. This name is composed of the tribal name Gaut and the word staf, which means staff or cudgel. The tribal name is thought by experts to be identical with that of the Geats, the Scandinavian tribe to which Beowulf belonged, and it is also thought to be akin to that of the Goths. Thus, the name Gustav literally means staff of the Geats or staff of the Goths. The suffix -sen and its variants are translatable as son of.

Contemporary Notables of the name Gustavsson (post 1700)

  • Bengt Olov Emanuel "Julle" Gustavsson (1928-2017), Swedish footballer and manager
  • Lars Erik Einar Gustavsson (1936-2016), Swedish poet, novelist and scholar

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